Morocco is the land of a thousand contrasts. With its diversity of landscapes, exceptional cuisine, and breathtaking nature, coupled with an extraordinary cultural and human heritage, Morocco is enticing.
In Morocco, nature has given free rein to its imagination. From the Atlas to the Rif Mountains, from the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean shores, from the wide sandy bays to small isolated rocky coves, from the southern large golden dunes to green oasis, the charm is boundless.
From the luxuriant forests to the barren high plains, from the deep wadis to the incomparable caves, from the lakes and waterfalls to the daunting Kasbahs, Morocco’s wonders lie before you as far as your eye can see, endowed with history and wild beauty. A Country of unusual landscapes and memorable views, Morocco will surprise those who are curious enough to go beyond its trodden paths to discover its true nature.
Its multiple crafts offer the best traditions culminating in a jealously guarded know-how by generations of craftsmen. A country rich with flavors, contrasts, unsuspected treasures and new acquaintances, full of throbbing memories in the authentic medinas and the untouched alleys of its cities.
A natural enclave, Morocco offers sports and adventure lovers all types of sporting activities including mountain biking excursions, rafting in the upper rivers, paragliding and hiking in beautiful deserts. Just as the beauty of its landscape will ravish the eye, the authentic welcome will warm your heart. In Morocco you will find enthralling hotels, unique in style, memorable hammams, soothing spas, thalassotherapy and balneotherapy centers with exceptional beneficial effects and virtues.
In Morocco, culture is always on the agenda. Throughout the year, music festivals, artistic gathering, folk moussems glorify art in every region of the Kingdom. Let your Self be taken by the exalted atmosphere and enjoy an enchanting lyrical program.
Morocco, a royal welcome and a magic stop which worth the trip .